Zotac fan noise


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Jun 7, 2008

Is this guy overreacting or is fan noise that bad on Zotac cards?
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To me, he's expecting the same noise level as fans that are designed specifically to be quiet. The ones on the GPU are meant for CFM, I would say AND they are backed right onto the heatsink will will cause noise.

Just take a house fan and listen to it up against a wall vs not. It will be louder on the wall as you'll hear the air being dispersed by the wall.
guy doesnt understand that different fans of different sizes with different bearings and different design goals produce different noises. they sound fine to me.
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The only GPU fans I could ever stand were the EVGA ones. The rest all have weird warbling, scratching or whining noises even at lower RPMs.

Since this guy has so many case fans he should just mount the GPU in the standard orientation and let the intake fans blow directly into the GPU.

Then set fan GPU curve not to turn on until 85C, and undervolt to 250W. Voila! Passively cooled RTX 4090.

This is if you are too lazy to deshroud of course. The easiest would be to just strap a bunch of Noctuas to the heatsink.
Here is my experience. Definitely not overreaction. My Zotac card was silent for the first month or so. Then it became the loudest component at low speeds. Way louder than the triple Noctua A14 industrialPPC-2000 PWM (at 600 rpm) I have in my Arctic 420. In fact it is louder than all 6 fans combined in my system.
The issue is not the airflow noise, it's the low-end Zotac fan motors that generate some sort of buzz even at lowest revs. I never experienced this with any of my prior cards.