System Worse After Moving to X5680s


Oct 15, 2010
Need some help here because this really frustrating.

Workstation which is used for video editing was a dual X5550 on a Supermicro X8DAH with 12 gigs of ram and a Vector SSD along with various 4TB HDs. Video card was a 5770 from XFX. System was built in 2009-2010. It Had been doing just fine But in the last couple of years most of the USB ports failed - likely due to the sever lighting we get in Florida. I lost routers and modems too. Anyway i was down to one functional usb port. So i decided to get a X8DAH and initially was just going to do a Board swap. But then i decided to get a pair of X5680 and drop those in using my same Noctuas. Got everything swapped but then video card failed so had to get crappy 6450 from Staples to get by until the GTX 960 came in Display is a LG 3440x1440 which the 5770 drove recently. I had no A/V stutter or VLC problems with the 5770 and the Ultrawide display. I'd just drop some frames when capturing video.

Anyway after the 6450 was installed i noticed i was having VLC and youtube playback issues - sound looping, annoying brrrrrrr sounds - basically glitchy sound and video. Vidoes in VLC were 720p. So i though the card was the issue. Fast forward to the GTX 950 - still having similar issues. Today then my vector died so i had to get a EVO 500 gb from Best buy and did a new install of W7 64 pro. But i am still have glitchy video and sound in VLC and on youtube.

How is my system worse than my x5550s were after new SSD, Faster CPUs, better GPU, clean OS install? Still have the same 12 gigs of KVR Ram. Have some Hynix coming that i got off ebay.

I know that's a lot but any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I Also ran the Intel CPU test program and the CPUs Check out.

EDIT 2: I also get the grey pixelated video from time to time in VLC.

See below:

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Have you installed the Intel chipset drivers? I have seen very similar issues without the latest intel inf installed.