SW:ToR Guild Information

who at this point do I message for entry? Is the first post still up to date? I tried adding you (Bowhuntr) as a friend and it says you don't exist (I figure they'd allow adding while offline -_- )

Yea sucks you cant do anything unless they are online...what's your username? I'll try and add you while I'm online too...
Let me know when everybody is ready to start setting up "Operation" get togethers...even if we don't have enough people at 50 yet, I think we will have enough to start a group that can get enough people.

Woot! Just hit lvl 50! but man once I went into a WZ I got my Jiblets handed to me... lol them are some mean old imps. Level 49 in WZ I was the hoss, now im just a squishy mess. Guess its time to load up on PVP gear now.

also if someone else is looking for a good stat calculator try this one.
Well, we did not get enough people from hardforum to play on Republic side and Bioware messed up things with artificial pop limits during the launch, so we did not get all the people we could. And the game sucks anyway, so I quit. :)
I actually had fun. I may jump back on once I complete my new build. I was playing as a sith juggernaut.