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Jun 7, 2008
I saw a ad for these on Youtube. I want to pick one up but worried I would end up like this guy. I can do Planks but not over 30 seconds. There are mobile games to challenge your mid section or core worried it might be hard on my knees or feet due to the twisting. Someone on Amazon said this thing is brutal so I might stay away from it. Comes with 4 free games the rest are acquired with a sub.

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Looks pretty gimmicky to me, and pretty overpriced for what it is. $180 for a slab of plastic and plastic base that's limited to a single/beginner type core exercise?

If you have a Switch and want to gameify your workout, Ring Fit Adventure (for less than half of this at $70 now) is where it's at. I got it during the height of the pandemic when they shut my gym down and really enjoyed it during that time, but admittedly haven't touched it much since other a few times when I traveled away for work and wasn't sure I'd have anywhere to work out or run.

But if you really think you'll stick with it and it'll motivate you to do something more than you're already doing, go for it. Just remember that most of your fitness results and overall health requires a good diet. Abs are made in the kitchen too, and not from gimmicky ab workout routines, if that's what you're going for. Otherwise building core strength is always good, but passive planking exercises like this aren't quite as effective as compound exercises (weighted carry, pushups, bent over rows, etc.) that engage your core in addition to other muscle groups.
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I picked up the Stealth Go Pro on Amazon it's cheaper lol but man I couldn't do it for 30 seconds on my Knees it's easy thoughI'm find I'll try the mobile app later on. At least it's portable comes in 3 pieces I have some faith it will do me some good people swear real Physical Therapists not the fake ones on Youtube.
Just picked up the Stealth Squat should be here in a few weeks. The Stealth Go Pro really does work for the mid section used mine 102 times in the past 4 months. If I was on a strict Diet and used it everyday I could get a Six Pack but for what? The Squat looks a lot more fun than just gaming on your phone and Planking. Not sure what to Attachment it to Trees is one option don't want to ruin a door.

"laying down might be too hard on my feet and knees. think ill do squats instead."
go do physical labour, youll get in shape, or just eat less and walk more..... this shit is just gimmicks.
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I got a fully remote job, put like 30 pounds on for the first time in my life, then lost it.

Stay within a calorie deficit and you'll lose weight. Exercise obviously helps burn more.

I just watched what I ate. Drank water 95% of the time, only ate during a certain timeframe. Add in compound exercises like pushups, squats, planks - maybe jump rope.

How much stimulation do you need? You can do this shit in front of the TV and you need nothing but yourself.
I gained a lot since the beginning of the pandemic. I used to be always able to control myself, control what I eat, control the amount of food I consume. However, the pandemic knocked me off completely. Due to the fact that I gained excessive weight, my health deteriorated significantly. The doctor warns me that the ED I currently experience will only worsen if I don't lose weight. I'm not happy about a perspective to buy viagra online forever, so I try my best to lose weight.
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I can do planks up to 4 minutes with thing thing also picked up the squat version came outa few months ago. Don't have a sub just play the free games