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Aug 25, 2002
What is the difference between nForce 2 400 and nForce 2 400 Ultra?

Does Abit NF7-SL have an nForce 2 400 Ultra (v2.0?)?

Does NF7-SL have a SOUNDSTORM sound onboard?

Are NF7 series the best socket A board currently available?

Why isn't Dual Channel mentioned in the manual of the board (NF7)? How to set DC up, and know it's being used?
ok, the difference between the nforce 2 400 & ultra 400 - is the memory bus - the 400 is the universal standard 64 bit thruput. The ultra 400 is 128 bit thruput (64 x 2)
To enable the dual memory on most ultra 400 boards you must have equal memory in slots 1 & 2 - 2x 256, 2x 512, etc. It pays to ahve the memory be exactly alike ( same brand, size & model) some memory manufacturers sell twin pieces (altho not necessary to get the performance.)
What is the performance difference? Not much - in most cases you wont tell any difference.