Prescott cpu and venerable 850E motherboards


Jun 15, 2003
I have an Intel 850E based motherboard and I was wondering if the prescott will work on it? I've read that the early prescotts will be fabricated for the 478 socket w/533 fsb. If it's true, then all that would be needed is vcore support. However, I do understand that the new motherboards (875, 865, and some 845) do unofficially support the prescott because they meet/exceed the power requirements thru a newer power design in the motherboard fabrication process.

What do you all think? I would like to get the most out of my motherboard before regulating it to server duty. I won't buy the cpu until the prices drop (end of 2004). My system still holding its own.

SYS specs:
GA-8IHXP rev2.1 / 1 gig 1066 rdram / 3.06HT / Ati 9700pro


The aquamark I don't have online but I was getting between 35,000-37,000. The higher number was with overclocking

I was reading this article .... last paragraph....

It would be interesting to see if it works on the old 850e chipset. i wouldn't mind upgrading to a newer system eventually(800mhz or more fsb) but if they make a 478 pin/533 fsb prescott, why not? IF it works and my performance goes up, then I save money. Thats if my performance is within 10% of the newest intel chipsets with prescott support. Won't have to buy new mb, ram, etc....