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Fully [H]
Jun 7, 2008
What games are you anticipating?

Baldur's Gate 3
Hogwarts Unleased
Wo Long
Camelot Unchained ???
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Right now, the only game I've pre-ordered is Hogwarts Legacy. Have you already bought this for Xbox or are you waiting for the PC version?
Last game I pre-ordered - BF 2042. I typically only do pre-orders when you get big discounts on MP games. That was of course a mistake.

Early Access - Ready or Not. Worth it because it is an indie dev and the only one trying to make a game in that genre at the moment. Had enough fun with it but waiting on longstanding issues to be sorted out.

Nothing else I am interested in. When ArmA 4 comes I know it will be released in Early Access for 1-2 years. I like but also hate the series for being so dated and hobbled by a bad engine. ArmA 4 brings a new engine so I am skeptical about what it will bring, but if I do another Early Access game that might be it.