Onboard network not working right?


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Jul 29, 2011
Kind of a weird thing, I have a second rig with an Asus X570 Tuf Wifi in it and a 5600X CPU. Both the onboard wired LAN and the onboard wifi do the same thing, say if I'm downloading a game or large file they will both reach about 35mb/s download speed and then taper off to 0, then stop for a second and begin climbing back up. It does this continuously to the point where a 20 minute download will take 2-3 hours. This is a fresh install of Windows 11, and it did the same thing under Windows 10.

However, I have a TP Link wifi 6 card and if I install that and use it, the speeds are normal ~70mb/s like everything else in my house. Only the onboard stuff seems to be doing this. I don't think its possible for both NICs to be bad at the same time for no reason??
Chipset overheating?
Update or rollback drivers.
Chipset overheating?

Ooooh thats a good idea to check, I noticed the system would feel sort of locked up sometimes when it was happening too.

EDIT: I checked using the network and playing a game, it seems to just sit at 60C all the time. I don't think thats overheating for the chipset but it is a little warm.
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Alright, I think this board is just plain shot. I'm now getting a VGA LED on all the time even when its running and games intermittently crash with multiple known good graphics cards, also when the SSD does a lot of read/write the system will sometimes hang. I've had problems with this particular board for at least 2 years now which is why its relegated to the "spare", I guess I'll just get something to replace it.
if it wasnt for the vga led i would have started to suspect the ssd. everythings up to date? bios have had a good hard clearing?
Is this thing still in warranty? My most recent is x470, and I'm not aware of what "VGA LED" refers to. You also mention problems after a while... check chipset heatsinks and maybe repaste them? You shouldn't have to do that, x570 is pretty recent...