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German Muscle

Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 2, 2005
Gungame Counter-Strike: Source
Current Information said:
IP :
Port : 27035
Password: N/A
Location: Chicago, Illinois USA
Slot Count : 20
Counter Strike Division Leader: German Muscle
Server discussion thread: HERE

Current Versions said:

Maplist said:
I like it when gungame servers can switch to reverse, reg gun game, and the other gun game modes. it makes it much more fun since it isnt the same thing all over again.
Mario Maps.
Knife Pro
No Turbo, Knife or finding next gun is only way to level up after your first kill with your current weapon.
Nade then Knife for the win, nade shouldn't be able to kill someone with 100% health.
No pistol for the player on nade.
No Helmets
I tried playing here last night with a friend on rs_battlezone and it was terrible. Everything was extremely jerky, I've never seen anything like it before. It was like lag, except it wasn't. My pings were fine. Whenever I moved it was extremely jerky and the bots moved the same way.

I disconnected and went to another server and everything ran fine there, so the only thing I can think to blame would be the server.
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