Looking for a Tyan s8230 I/O Shield


Jul 3, 2004
This is a wild stab in the dark, but anyone sitting on a Tyan s8230 I/O shield they'd like to sell?
What's even a wilder stab is someone having one and knowing what it is. I have hundreds of them but don't know what board they go with unless they are physically with the board and most aren't. Good luck.
Good point!

Here's an image of the connectors:
I'll dig through my collection and see if I have one.

On a related note, I recently bought a SC846 storage case and a SM X8DT6-F motherboard without the shield. As luck would have it, the case came with the correct shield already in place. They came from 2 different sellers so it was pure luck.
Ha, that's always nice! I'd definitely appreciate it. If you do happen across one, let me know - I'll happily pay you for it.
No, sorry. That appears to be rare config. I've checked ebay a couple of times and found nothing that's even close enough to mode without looking ghetto. Have you tried contacting Tyan? That's a long shot too but and email is cheap.
Sure did, no luck there. May be time for me to start thinking about making one :)
Or you could just run without one. It doesn't serve any purpose other than looks and maybe airflow control to an engineer. I have one system that's been running for years without one because I couldn't find it when i was putting it together. Found it after the MB was already in the case but didn't feel like going thru the trouble of removing it again. Never missed it. But if it's for somebody else, that's a different story. Good luck.
Engineer here, I couldn't bear to leave it open, due to, as you note, airflow control.

I do appreciate you looking, though!
If you want it for aesthetics, that's fine ... but running without it won't make a bit of difference.