LGA1944 Boards for OverClocking


Jul 24, 2014
What is a good AMD LGA1944 motherboard that supports overclocking Opterons through the BCLK? Are there any boards that can overclock via the multiplier when used with unlocked ES chips? I also need the board to support 2-way SLI.
The only way you will get one that overclocks is with a hacked BIOS.

You also will not find one with SLI support.
Is 6 VRM phases the most that is available? 6 phases seems a bit weak, considering the power consumption of these chips...
Given that these boards were never designed to overclock, 6 was probably deemed enough. Given that you are "only" going reach a speed of 3.8 max with a 61xx chip your main concern will be heat from the VRM's. All of them will need to be cooled, and preferably have a fan blowing over the VRM heastsinks