Is the newest version of Discord underclocking your VRAM?


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Aug 5, 2013
edit: Fix posted below

With Discord running I have a permanent -250 MHz offset to my boost VRAM clocks (idle is unchanged).
9752 MHz drops to 9502 MHz.

I already uninstalled and rolled back to the previous version, which fixed the issue. But just now ran the updater and it's back again.
I'm curious if this is a universal, app-wide bug or if I need to start reinstalling drivers.
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Wonder if it has anything to do with the new AV1 encoder that was just implemented for 40 series? Probably not, but who knows.
I just checked, I have a 4090 and my memory clocks remain at 2625mhz both ways.
Found others on the LTT forums.

You need to download nvidiaprofileinspector on github. In there, type "discord" in the search bar so you have access to the the app's drivers settings. There, you need to find the line CUDA - Force P2 State and set it to Off. Click on Apply changes on the top-right corner, close nvidia profile inspector, restart Discord and you should be good to go !!

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It doesn't seem to affect me, but I don't have hardware acceleration enabled in Discord.