Help With Abit Nf7-s


Dec 7, 2003
On christmas day, i fried my PSU. So today, I bought a new GLC 350 watt PSU for 20 bucks canadian. Now, when i try to boot up my PC, everything starts beeping, and i get "beeeeeeeep" beeeeeeeep" "beeeeeeep" over and over and over again... what does this mean? and yeah, i'm using corsair xms, an abiy nf7s, and a 2500+. Anyone know what those beeps mean?
those could mean a few things, generally when it's beeping means it wasent able to find something in needed, check the manual I am pretty sure it has a section in it (was just looking at one today), you will hvae tou count the beeps and find out what error code that is...

like with my old K7S5A, I would get 8 deeps all the time, it was my video always got lose

so check manual, I am 75% sure it says in there
One beep - board is working fine

One long beep then machine shuts down - faulty, improperly installed or missing CPU

1 short(Beep) System booting is normally

2 short(Beep) CMOS setting error

1 long - 1 short(Beep) DRAM ERROR

1 long - 2 short(Beep) Display card or monitor connected error

1 long - 3 short(Beep) Keyboard Error

1 long - 9 short(Beep) ROM Error

Long(Beep) continuous DRAM isn't inserted correctly

Short(Beep) continuous POWER supply has a problem

A two-tone siren, generally caused by overheating or out of specification voltages
Originally posted by AJG199
i'm having the siren problem... any ideas on what to do?


reseat the heatsink on the processor.

Whie you're at it, get a real power supply- if you got it for 20can, that means like what... 10us? You can barely by scrap metal to make an enclosure for a psu for that.
i have a real ps... lol i'm just having the same problems...i've tried reseating the heatsink and cpu...