GTX 1060 Win 7 drivers not signed


Limp Gawd
Jan 21, 2005
I was tiring to update the drivers for this card via Device Manager, first uninstalling the older drivers and deleting the files. The install was done by pointing DM to the specific drivers only folder (I didn't want their Control panel). It appeared to install ok, but a ! was displayed for that devices entry in DM.
In the description it stated "Windows cannot verify the digital signature".
This came directly from Nvidia's web site. It was v472.12 from Sept of '21 the last full version for that card. The newer files are just 'security updates'.

I then tried the latest update from 12/22 with the same result, thus never installed. Any ideas here??
I don't want all of that bloat which is the reason I installed it the way I have done for years.

I just tried to re-install the older driver v457.21 from 12/20 and the result was the same. Is there a MS Service that controls this?
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I did, see my last post, it was from 2020.
if that was the case why are they on Nvidea's website?
I'll give it a try, but I have my doubts considering the error message. I never saw that type of error before.