Gigabyte GA-81PE1000-L, CIA, MIB


Apr 8, 2002
I just got a Gigabyte GA-81PE1000-L. This motherboard uses some new technology from Gigabyte called CIA, and MIB. Does anybody know anything about thses options? You can turn them on and off in the Bios and MIB= Memory Inteligent Booster, and CIA= CPU Inteligent Accelerator. Any benefit to using these? Thanks for any help.
MIB is the same as PAT for all other motherboard that support it. It give a 10% performane on memory.

CIA is the Gigabyte version of the MSI DOT ( Dynamic Overclocking Technology ) wich is suppose adjust the FSB automaticaly depending on what the cpu usage is.
Press Ctrl + F1 in the bios to gain access to MIB and CIA.
Yes I figured out how to get to them in the Bios Gigabyte always hides stuff and you need to press Crtl F1 for adv funtions. The MIB I have turned on but the CIA seems to make system to unstable. Otherwise I really like this board and would recomend it as a cheaper alternative to other boards around.