EVGA GTX 1070 fans spin up, stop, spin up, stop etc...


Feb 18, 2011
Periodically run into this issue where one of my GTX 1070s fans will spin up full speed, stop, spin up full speed, stop.

Have no idea what triggers it. Currently running EVGA Precision 6.2.7 but ran into the same issue with older versions of precision.

I also have the fan profile set to aggressive so the fans are always spinning. I even tried uninstalling precision thinking that was the issue but the same thing happened.

I have the cards running in SLI so I swapped the position of the cards and this will remediate the issue but like once every few years this happens again and I up swapping the position of the cards again to resolve this issue

I also noticed its always the card in the top PCI slot so I don't think its a hardware issue. At the moment the problem is resolved but I know it will come back again.

In the 7 years of owning these cards it happens like every other year.

Anyone else encounter this issue and have any thoughts on what this issue is and how you resolved it?