Dead Space 1 PC Camera View Issue

Feb 6, 2006
I decided to play through the Dead Space games before I picked up the newest ones, and also it gives me a chance to play the game on PC since I orginally played 1 and 2 on Xbox360. So I just started playing and as soon as I get control of Issac, it seems like the camera is zoomed in to far. Like the left side of his body isn't visible nor is anything on that side of the screen, I can only see over his right shoulder and just barely, like any in game menus or tips that pop up are cut off. And I can't figure out how to zoom in or out. I tried my mouse wheel as it's usually the default for zooming in or out in PC games, but it does nothing. How do I get it so its not zoomed in so far.

Here's a FRAPS Screenshot showing what i mean. I may be wrong cause it's been awhile since I've played, but it just seems like I am zoomed in to far

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Am I right, or is that just how it's supposed to be and I just don't remember ?

And yes, the graphics quality is crap cause I am playing on my roomates Laptop which only has a AMD Phenom II Dual core @ 2.9Ghz 4GB of DDR3 1066 and a ATi Radeon Mobility HD4250 1GB GDDR5. Which I think the CPU and RAM is fine for this game, but the GPU is holding me back. So I am only getting between 25-30FPS which is just on the border between playable and not playable. My desktop which is about 15 times better then this laptop is currently being using in my bands Studio for the album we are recording and my own laptop which the specs are in my signature, is being borrowed by my GF, and I know my laptop would handle this one Low-Medium settings, but I am stuck using this laptop for gaming at home. I am starting to think I may just uninstall it and play on my Xbox360, because if I am hitting 25FPS when nothing is going on then once I get into combat and there lots of action on the screen, then I am gonna start getting some serious graphical lag. But I am gonna wait and see what happens.
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Uh, yeah. The game is like that for some dumb reason. It's very annoying but in the end I liked it.
I'd recommend not playing at all if the game looks like kills the point of the game (i.e. the atmosphere). Just become another generic game without it.
It's more zoomed in to make it feel more claustrophobic. If you could see everything all around you constantly it wouldn't feel very threatening. :D
Yes, that's how it's supposed to be. I can't remember, but perhaps if you play with a widescreen resolution you might see more.
It's more zoomed in to make it feel more claustrophobic. If you could see everything all around you constantly it wouldn't feel very threatening. :D
It was supposed to make you feel like that, but between the tight camera, swaying camera and sluggish controls, it just gave me a headache. I wish they gave you the option to widen the FOV a bit and turn off the swaying, I might have gotten more than half way through it if they had.
Camera angle looks right, but man, do you have it on low quality or something? I just played it not long ago and it did not look nearly that bad.

I would recommend playing it on the Xbox 360 if that's an option.
It is supposed to be zoomed in, but I don't think it's built for 4:3 resolutions; that'd be why you've got UI elements hanging off the side of the screen.

Try raising the FoV with Widescreen Fixer.
Yea it is supposed to be like that, i just haven't played it in so long that i forgot what the view was like.I Decided just to replay 1 & 2 on my 360 until I get my own PC back and I plan on playing 3 on my PC. The laptop just sucks for gaming, tho it does play WoW and some other games just fine, on Low-Medium Settings. Cant wait to get my Desktop back from the studio. I am building a new studio in my house so I am gonna need it. I've dumped a lot of money into building it for Gaming and Recording. Being a gamer and musician is two expensive passions/careers lol Musician and Producer even more so then gaming....a lot more so.haha

and yes, everything is turned down to low, shadows off, and its at 1024x768, as i said, my roommates laptop is not the greatest, he needs a knew one.