Cheap dual 1366 boards

Spun Ducky

Feb 1, 2009
So I came into possession of 10 x5670 chips for $250 from a local company that shutdown. I would like to put together some workstations that would have at least one full size high powered graphics cards(r9 290) sorta cards.

Taking a look a lot of the really cheap ones take odd ball power supplies. So basically I am looking for dual socket boards, ATX power or easy to find cheap converter plugs, 1 full size pci-e slot that can take a high end graphics card, and a bonus would be regular DDR3 ram like a x58 board would use.

I know this is kind of a long shot but just checking around for suggestions.
Xeon X5670? I think the X8 series of SuperMicro should do:
Specifically I'd go for this one:
Other than that, here's Tyan's range of Xeon DP boards for 1366 socket:

Dual LGA1366 boards are not exactly targeted towards consumer markets ;) so I'd guess they will not be a bargain.
For single CPU workstation systems (remember, 6 cores, 12 threads!) however, pretty much any X58 chipset based board will do nicely.

Do you happen to sell one of the CPUs? If so, I'd be interested. I currently hava a X5550 in my box, so a X5670 would be a nice little upgrade to it.;)
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You could also try and find an Asus Z8NA-D6 or D6C, they take regular DDR ram and have a full length PCIe slot
10 x5670 for $250 is good value. After a few myself but they are all expensive on ebay. With the Z8NA regular D6 version I had two of those boards and both didn't last long and ended up with dead PCI Express slots.
I have three X8DTI's, and can confirm that they run wonderfully with L5520's / L5640's + 48GB of unbuffered ECC. Great motherboards, and IMPI is the best thing ever.
So, uh, looking to unload any of those x5670s?

Aside from various used Supermicro X8*** boards that you may find on eBay for ~$70, your best/cheapest bet may just be to buy a used Dell T5500 with either no CPUs, or base model CPUs. There are lots of them on the market, and you don't need to worry about finding a power supply, case, and motherboard that work together (which can be a pain for dual CPU rigs). Here's one for $135 shipped-