Broke connector on zotac amp 4090


Mar 25, 2012
I was in the process of installing an ekwb waterblock and was having difficulty disconnecting all the stuff from the fan to the pcb. The gpu cooler tipped over and ripped out the connector from the pcb which cracked the plastic housing of the black connector although the wire connections all look fine.

What is the black connector? The white one went to the backplate and what looked to be a temperature probe.

The card works fine and is running under water, but I'm wondering what happens if I ever have to RMA the card or when I'm done with it and put the air cooler back on to sell it.

This is a zotac amp airo extreme 4090.


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That's probably a fan header. I've not used a Zotac card before, but my EVGA cards have had Black, White, and (if I recall correctly) Blue fan headers - one for each of the three fans.

As to the physical damage? Companies can and will deny warranties based on any physical damage to the card - and a connector broken off like that could certainly be enough to deny a warranty claim. I don't know if Zotac would deny a warranty based on that damage as I've not had dealings with them, but it wouldn't shock me at all.
There were some connectors at the top, two that looked like they powered the fan. The orange connector on the side was empty. The white led to a strip along the backplate which may have been a led.


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