Bios Update - Gigabyte Q-flash - X370 Gaming Rev 1. - opinions/experience needed


Feb 26, 2016
Tried flashing most current bios with Q-flash (the manual and website instructions for all this are basically non-existant), and it said the bios was invalid.

About to try flashing in steps of 3-5 versions. Will take me 4 or more steps, as I'm on the launch bios from over 5 years ago and to get up to date to run my new 5800x I basically need on the latest bios. Kinda hoped I could jump straight to latest bios.

Thoughts before I brick my shit?
So I got bios f20 to update, forces me into a boot loop when it tries to load windows... Or automatic repair
Just going full brick it....

Update:. Bios f31 seems to work, it's just Windows is borked. This seems less bad, boot loop is fixed anyway, that made me nervous

Windows start-up repair un-borked windows.

F51g updated all good;
In case anyone else ever happens upon this; and the rediculously poorly written instructions-
step 1 - Update AMD chipset drivers to current
Step 2 - Update to bios F31
Step 3 - Update to whatever bios north of F31 you want.
Step 4 - Profit
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