Backplates for nForce 2 boards?


Sep 14, 2001
Does anyone know where I could buy the back plate for say a Asus A7N8X, I'm thinking about buying a A7N8X-Deluxe for my system but currently have a Epox 8KHA+ which has the old back plate style, but the board I want to get is a refurb from Newegg and it says it doesn't some with any accessories and I assume that also means the back plate, which I will need because I don't think I have one that will work for the board in my Antec case. Can anyone help me out?
Sometimes you get the backplate but try Asus and see if they would sell one.
Well, if you contact the motherboard manufacturer, they'll usually send you that sort of stuff for free.

And in the meantime, just don't use a backplate. It's what I do when I can't find them. *shrug* :)
Originally posted by mr. nails
what does the back plate do for a mb? or are u talking about i/o panel?
Backplate, I/O Panel, EMI Gasket, same thing.

Among other things, it keeps dumbasses from pushing stuff in too far (and detaching the back-end ports), or simply pushing stuff in and missing, and possibly shorting something out by ramming a metal component into the motherboard proper.