Are there ANY m-ATX mobos with native FSB400?


Jan 9, 2003
I am trying to put together a micro-atx system with a XP2500 to OC. For the life of me, I can't find a micro-atx mobo with either nforce2-ultra 400 or VIA KT600 chipset in that form factor. Is there a specific reason?

The closest thing is like a Biostar M7NCG400 that people say will get there, but that still isn't really native support for DDR400. This will be a gaming and productivity box and I want to try OC the Barton 2500 up to DDR400. I plan on putting in a AIW9600Pro as well. There is a Shuttle cube now that has nf2 ultra 400 chipset, but I don't really want to go quite that small. I just like the micro-atx cases.

Is it just a matter of time before m-atx boards come out with these chipsets, or will I be waiting in vain? If anyone has other options, I'm all ears. Don't really need IGP, but I realize they are pretty much standard with m-atx boards. Don't really need SATA or RAID either, but I'd do it if the board was right.