After BIOS update and "Load Default Settings" in BIOS - my system SSD is NOT detected in boot order...(!?)


Mar 14, 2017

I have AsRock x370 Killer SLI board and i have Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB SSD Sata drive (plug into standard sata connector). On this drive i have my only OS -Windows 7. I have several other magnetic drives (4 in total), none of them have windows on them (and never had AFAIK).

I just DOS flash (updated) BIOS for my motherboard, from the super old it was shipped with (version 1.3 i think) to a "newer" one 3.1. Im planning to update further, BUT my question and problem so far is:

I followed this instruction video:

(from 3:33 is my method i had to use).

Everything went fine. BUT, at the end of his explanation, after the bios update, in the video he says that you should acces BIOS for the final time and "Load Default Settings" in BIOS and "Exit and Save"... Im not sure why this is necessary (??). But when i try to do that, it switches my SSD drive (the only SSD in my PC and the only drive that has windows on it) it switches it to one of my magnetic HDDs (with no windows on it)... When i click the boot order and try to switch it to my SSD, i do NOT see the SSD anymore (!) (or any other of my magnetic drives)...

I "somewhat" "solved" it temporarily, by NOT loading the "Default settings". And when i Loaded them in the first place, i just exitted bios without saving. Went into BIOS after that and the SSD was still visible in Boot Order. But when i click the "Load Default Settins" then again my SSD (with my OS) will not be showing in the boot order and i couldnt set it manualy in the boot order (didnt see it there)... If i do NOT "Load the Default" settings, my SSD is visible in boot order and boots ok... If i DO "Load the Default" settings, my SSD is not visible in the boot order (and i didnt save the changes so far and didnt so far try to boot this way; since i assume it wouldnt boot).

My questions are:

1) Is it really necessary after bios update to click the "Load Default Settings"? If yes, WHY in particular...?

2) How can i "force" my BIOS to see my SSD and let me set it in the Boot order? (after i click the "Load Default" settings)...?

(I still had my USB drive with the FreeDos (Rufus created) and bios file plugged into the USB port at this point... Maybe if i remove the flash drive and try the "Load Default Settings" i will then be able to see my SSD among the Boot order option...? (I see only 4 boot options "fields", one is occupied by the USB flash Drive, maybe when i "disconnect it", the SSD will pop up in its place...? Although i dont know why it should do this...? I also dont know why i dont see any other of my magnetic drives)... (the other boot options (2) are some "UEFI stuff" or something as far as i remember)

Any idea/help please...?

(im new to bios flashing, and wouldnt like to fuc* up anything, and the instructions clearly said click "Load Default settings"... Besides all this, i dont know why my BIOS should not be able to see the SSD after loading default settings, so i would like to understand this problem even for future dealings with PC)...

First of all, disconnect any drive not needed to boot so you don't accidentally mess things up.

Now what I could think happens, you load defaults but do not save them, then you try to change things iso resetting the PC and as such you also don't allow the new settings to realy take effect.

The reason they tell you to change to defaults is because they change things in bios, removing options, or adding them so things coult potentionally not work as intended anymore. I already find it strange that the BIOS has not been reset to defaults to start with.