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Jan 27, 2011
My current workstation is an i7-4930X (not overclocked), 64GB DDR3 and a GTX 670 GPU. I've recently noticed how cheap the e5-2670 processors are and I'm wondering how rendering times compare to what I currently have.

System 1
1x i7-4930X not overclocked
Nvidia GTX 670

System 2
2x e5-2670
Unsure how much ram, enough to get quad channel
No GPU (or maybe a cheap $100 Quadro)

I'd leave the timeline editing on System 1 and then set up System 2 to be an Adobe network renderer for premiere pro.

Right now I see hours of rendering time on my current system, sometimes I just let it run overnight and check it in the morning. Would building the second system to do all the rendering be a good idea?
Rendering with the GPU tends to be a lot faster than by CPU with Adobe CS(or whatever incarnation it is now). My gal's i5 with no GPU rendering went from HOURS to mere minutes simply by adding a nVidia GTX 950 and push rendering to it.
Wow, what a difference. That is the Mercury engine at work?
Assuming we're talking about After Effects/Adobe Premiere i'll add that I haven't noticed much - if any - difference between a GTX 660 and GTX 780 for my somewhat simplistic (but regular) usage at 4k and 5k for rendering but that more cores did in fact accelerate things almost linearly when moving from dual quads to dual hex cores at the same frequency.

Resolution, transitions, what kinds of transitions, source format, bitrate, effects/filters, particular effects/filters. etc# seem to shake the general efficiency of more cores or GPU assisted rendering quite a bit. It's definitely frustrating having to perform guess work on how Adobe handles stuff.

Your safest bet would be to just monitor where you are limited as far as utilization goes and look at the full picture(Color Grading/Previewing/Raw Conversion/etc#) to get a better idea whether or not it is worthwhile.

I'm currently running whatever the newest CC is.
Please note that my use case is heavily RAW oriented and involves a few more additional steps prior to AE/AP.
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GPU depends on what your doing After Effects and Photoshop it can do a decent amount. Premiere during my last round of simple editing at 1080 the GPU(750TI) was basically idle during the encoding process.