Access Denied on files download to PC from Google Drive

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Jul 1, 2004
so a friend downloaded some files from his google drive to his home PC. None of those files can be accessed, nor deleted, nor open.

They can be something as simple as a JPG file or a MS word file etc. All he gets is the message "Access Denied, you don't have permission ....."

Now, when I do an search engine of the key word "google drive access denied", a lot of search results comes up, but they are for google drive files that is on the cloud, so similar problem but not the same problem, as these are not files in the cloud, they are on the home PC

can anyone help?
I gave this question some time in case someone knows exactly if this is somehow related to Google Drive, but seeing as no one chimed in - looks more like virus-related activity.
no, definitely not virus. All the files are simply locked. Access denied. See virus will lock all files, NOT just the ones in the google drive sub-directory. All the files outside google drive sub-dir. are fine
you can try this,

I use it to take ownership of files and folders so that I can access them or delete them, might work for your friend

take ownership.jpg