abit nf7-s owners


Sep 25, 2003
I just recently picked one up and I am getting some strange errors, anyhow I was just wondering, on the MOBO, when the computer is powered on is the red LED suppose to stay lite or is the green one the only one that should be on...I ask because I have both and from what i've read prior to purchasing one I had thought that only the green one would stay lite...the only reason I ask is because I am having some issues right now, windows is getting memory dumps when I try to load it, when I try to install windows off a fresh copy, I either get mem dump or I freeze at the HD format portion....got me worried
They should both be on.


Red LED means the board is correctly receiving a standby voltage (ie. is connected to the mains).
Green LED means the board has been powered up.
I am pointing to ram as well, due to what happened yesterday, but I will definitivally give that test a try thanks..

heres what happened for some reason I accidently put a stick of ram backwards in my K7S5A junk mobo, anyhow, ended up frying that piece of ram, the CPU, and the motherboard...so I picked up a 2500+ today, and a NF7, anyhow, I still had a piece of ram lying around Pc2100 that I tryed in the K7 after this happened (before knowing the CPU was damaged) anyhow I was thinking it had messed everything up, but now I am loading windows on the side machine and it's going good, I picked up some ram but the guy gave me PC2700 instead of 3200...oh no I aint having that...lol so before I can return them I was trying to load up using the Pc2100 from the old one, but for some reason now it's working fine...gonna get the PC3200 tommorow and that should be 'gravy'...heh =)

very bad new years day, today is looking up :D