8 pin + 4 pin asus x570e- wifi gaming motherboard


Mar 1, 2023
Im running
asus x570e gaming wifi
5800 x3d
4070 ti pny
64 gb ram
EVGA 850 P2

i notice today for some reason that my cpu connector had the 8 pin connected but there is a 4 pin next to it. i found a cpu cable and plugged the 8 pin side into my psu that say cpu2, and split the other 8 pin end and used the correct configuration 4 pin and plugged that into the mobo. the system wont boot. i get lights, just not boot up.
i unplug it and i boot fine. do i need the other 4 pin next to the 8 pin? and why wont it boot?

That is strange though that it won't boot with it plugged in though.
I have a 5950x with a x570 hero mb. I only use the 8 pin cpu connector. Unless you’re really pushing it to the limits, you don’t need the second connector. And when I say really pushing it, I mean ln2 pushing it.
If it's not a matching cable it could be causing a short and it's not powering on to prevent damage to the board and cpu. Either way you don't need it for any current desktop cpu.