4090 power consumption according to HWinfo


Dec 18, 2020
I was playing MW2 with the sensor readings up on another monitor and there are two power categories:

GPU Power
GPU Rail Powers

GPU Power topped out at 342.723 watts while GPU Rail Powers topped out at 547.129 watts

Whats the difference between these two? At first I thought maybe GPU power was the GPU only while the other was the entire card but there have been occasions where GPU power was higher, which put an end to that theory.
I use GPU-Z and that shows total board power. My 4090 (FE) hits just under 450W at 100% power target setting in Afterburner. Memory and gpu clockspeed OC's do not change it.

Click in the field where the values are shown to toggle it to max. Then you can play games for a few hours, come back and observe what the maximum power use was.